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Tucson Greyhound Park, Inc.
2601 S. Third Ave
Tucson AZ 85713

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Phone Numbers for Tucson Greyhound Park

Main 520-884-7576

Main Fax 520-624-9389

Hotline – (888) 511-DOGS and  (520) 205-8004


General Manager – Dale Popp Ext 111

Controller/HR – Alicia Heiserer Ext 146

Accounting – Ext 116

Accounting Fax 520-884-3441

Mutuel Department – Ext 124

Mutuel Fax 520-884-8037

Racing Department – Ext 118


ONLY Tucson Greyhound Park’s President or Vice President have any authority to create obligations for Tucson Greyhound Park. No other person has the authority to obligate Tucson Greyhound Park in any way.